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Why would I need the services of a Private Investigator?
A private investigator is skilled at obtaining information that would be useful in determining where you stand. In other words, if you have suspicions that your spouse is cheating on you but are not sure, what is your next move?  We put your suspicions to rest and provide you with peace of mind. Your suspicions will either be confirmed, which will make it easier to determine what your next step will be, or your suspicions will be put to rest, which will have saved you from making an irrational decision.

Why should I go with ICU Professional Investigations, Inc. and not a different company?
Your case will be handled by a New York State licensed and bonded private investigator with over 10 years of experience, not by someone with little experience who is working under someone else’s license.

Do I have to pay for a consultation?
NO. We will answer any questions you have and formulate a plan of action that your comfortable with before an agreement is signed.

What am I paying for?
You’ll receive a detailed report which will state all the facts and findings of your investigation/surveillance.  You will also receive a DVD or VHS copy of any video obtained during your investigation/surveillance. Most importantly, you’ll receive peace of mind which will help in deciding what your next step is.

What experience do you need to become a Private Investigator?
In the state of New York, you need to either have worked for a licensed Private Investigator (under their license) for no less than 3 years, worked as a Police Officer for no less than 20 years, or worked as a Fire Marshall for no less than 20 years.
If I decide to go with a different company and not ICU Professional Investigation, Inc., what should I look for?
1st: and foremost, you should know who’s conducting your investigation, especially if it involves surveillance. In our opinion, surveillance is an art that cannot be taught. Every individual is different and every situation is different. No 2 investigators or surveillances are the same. It’s one of those things that you have to love in order to do it well, or you hate and are horrible at it.  It takes time to hone in the skills.
2nd: Just because a company is licensed, it doesn’t mean that your investigation is being conducted by a licensed investigator. Many companies brag about 20-30+ years of experience; retired this retired that. However, the one person who has all of that experience will not be conducting your investigation. The odds are that the company employs young inexperienced personnel, call them investigators, and throw them out there for on the job training. Do you want to pay someone to use your case as their training? If you have the time, read the help wanted ads for investigators. You can read for yourself. Usually the company name is marked confidential and under experience desired, it states little to no experience, will train. Also, just because someone is a retired Police Officer or Fire Marshall, it doesn’t mean that they have the experience needed to properly conduct an investigation/surveillance, for that matter, it is possible that they have never conducted an investigation/surveillance. This does not apply to ICU Professional Investigations, Inc.
3rd: Hire a company that is local to your area. These are the people who are knowledgeably of the local streets, activities, and neighborhoods. Nationwide companies are useless because of the service that is provided. It is impossible for a supervisor of an out of state company to delegate with accuracy what needs to be done correctly. Again, no two investigators or surveillances are the same so when inexperienced so called “investigators” are out in the field, they often have to consult with a supervisor, that is in a different state, in what their next move should be. Not here at ICU Professional Investigations, Inc. 
4th: It’s plain and simple…you get what you pay for. You will often spend more re-doing an investigation because inadequate investigators were on the case. Do your due diligence and research who you hire. Remember, just because someone fits the criteria of an investigator, it does not mean that they are qualified to conduct investigations/surveillances. At ICU Professional Investigations, Inc., we believe you are paying for the best. The Owner/President, Alex Ortiz, a New York State licensed and bonded Private Investigator will conduct your investigation/surveillance. It will be done correct the 1st time with honesty and integrity, and all information is confidential. Our integrity will never be compromised, minimizing risk and exposure to your investigation.

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